In our busy life, it is often not top of mind to protect your hard-earned wealth for those left behind when you are no longer here to protect it yourself. If you have a business, a blended family, minor children, or net assets over $2 million, it is recommended you consider a review of your Estate Plan.

Over a series of personal consultations, we will identify assets within and outside of your estate and we will seek to understand your wishes to allow us to devise a plan to protect your wealth for your next generation and nominated benefactors.

You will be guided through numerous personal and legislative considerations to ensure that the administration of your estate allows your wealth to pass exactly as you wish, rather than it end up in a chaotic expensive mess, which we see too often see as a result of no careful pre-planning.  

We will collaborate with lawyers and other professional advisers to ensure your estate is properly administered and your wealth is suitably transferred with minimal cost.

If you would like to find out more, get in touch with one of our team today.